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Our request for Giving Tuesday: Support pupils to complete their secondary school education
Our request for Giving Tuesday this year (November 30) is a special donation for our Maria Peters Scholarship. With this scholarship we can help excellent and motivated pupils who have successfully completed their junior high school (SMP) to go to a senior high school (SMA) or to follow a vocational education (SMK). Java Village can already sponsor two students but we would like to extend it to at least three as there are more talented students in the village who we would like to help to complete a full secondary school education. [Please click here for your donation.]

The costs for senior high school or vocational school are higher than those for junior high school, because the government asks a school fee for the second phase of secondary schooling. This means that the total costs for three years are €1650 (€550 per year per pupil), compared to €450 for three years of junior high school (€150 per year; there is no school fee for SMP). Through our Sponsor a Student (SaS) programme (see below) Java Village has been supporting junior high school students over the last thirteen years. Understandably, senior high school is an even more heavy financial burden, and support for these students is highly appreciated.
The scholarship was founded in memory of Maria Peters, one of the first supporters of Java Village, who sadly passed away in 2016. In honour of her, her family took the initiative, together with Java Village, to establish this special grant for excellent students. You can find additional information about this scholarship and how you can support it on our website. [Please click here.]