Java Village Foundation

The Java Village Foundation focuses on a better future for the most vulnerable residents in Cisarua Village, located in West Java in Indonesia.

Almost 40% of the 8000 residents of Cisarua are living below the poverty line. One third of the women are the main income-earners of their household. These women usually work long hours at the tea plantation or in vegetable gardens and earn barely enough to buy some rice and fish. To provide for the livelihood of the family they start borrowing from their employers and are therefore often getting worse off, not seeing any way out anymore. The mortality rate among newborns and their mothers is unacceptably high. There is also no piped water and therefore no clean drinking water. The available water from the mountain is heavily polluted.

The main goal of Stichting Java Village is to support the most vulnerable residents of Cisarua, mostly women and children. In families where the women are the wage earners, there is too little money for clothes , school fees or computer lessons. But poor mothers do not give up quickly. Java Village helps them to break the poverty circle and to build a brighter future for themselves and their children.

The foundation does this by initiating and realising projects in the following fields, together with local residents:

Youth and education
Health and environment
Women and empowerment

New Project: Learning Centre Cisago

Java Village is busy cooperating with adolescents in the village to set up a “Rumah Belajar” (learning centre). This is a new project that builds up on our previous computer project. Please see the project plan here.