Youth and education

New Project: Learning Centre Cisago

Java Village is busy cooperating with adolescents in the village to set up a “Rumah Belajar” (learning centre). This is a new project that builds up on our previous computer project. Please see the project plan here. About the importance of education and empowerment of girls to prevent child marriages read the interview with Mies Grijns in the Jakarta Globe.

Realised projects

In Cisarua there are two elementary schools, where we have started renovation and expansion. Classes of 80 students are now history! Also, both schools now have a library and a prayer room, new toilets and room for first aid and the care for sick children.

One of our latest realised projects was the computer project. For one of the elementary schools in Cisarua we financed the building of a computer room, the purchase of  computers and  training of teachers and pupils in the start up phase. It is good to see that it is mainly the girls that like to take computer classes. Of the teachers, it will be mainly the females who will continue teaching computer classes. We are presently discussing how we can help the other village school with ICT education as well.

Our educational projects are sponsored by many much appreciated individual donors and by generous support from Soroptimistclub Merwekring, Cordaid, the Wellant College in Oegstgeest, the Anak Belajar Foundation and the companies &Samhoud, BR-ND and the Asia branch of Avey.

Sponsor a Student

Unfortunately only 50% of the childeren visit junior high school outside of the village. It’s mostly the girls that stay at home to help their families. Many families are not able to afford the daily costs of transport and lunch packages. That is why we sponsor children from these families for only €12,50 per month/€150,- per year. We have been able to send dozens of children to junior high school and many of them now have managed to complete their junior high school. Most of these children have succeeded to continue their studies to senior high school, mainly for vocational education. Two well achieving girls even obtained sponsorship for their senior high school from special donors.