The goal of the Java Village Foundation is to contribute to sustainable
development of the community in Cisarua and provide a better life for all its inhabitants.

We aim to achieve this goal by:
• creating awareness of the necessity to help the most vulnerable inhabitants;
• creating opportunities for the underprivileged inhabitants, mostly children, youths and women who are the main income providers of their families;
• to stimulate self-reliance by carefully choosing our projects;
• gathering funds to realize these projects;
• guiding these projects in Indonesia by our own female field worker in cooperation with local organisations;
• operating in full transparency, we guarantee at least 75% of the received funds are used for our projects though we strive to reach 85%.


Target group

Our target group are the most vulnerable inhabitants of Cisarua, who are for a number of reasons not (yet) able to fend for themselves and to escape from poverty. In practice, this concerns mainly children, youths and women who are the main providers of their family’s income. They mainly work in farming which does not provide enough to survive on a daily basis.



To achieve our goals, the Java Village Foundation renders a new
strategic policy plan every 3 years. This policy plan is published on the
website and is accessible to everyone. We also organize a yearly board meeting to evaluate the effectiveness of our policy and whether we can continue in the same way or need to change our course. Please click here to download our policy plan 2014-2016.