Health and environment

The mortality rate among (very) young mothers and new-borns is still extremely high. Together with local midwives, we have set up health centres in every neighbourhood where women are provided with information and pregnant women and mothers with their new-borns receive health checks.

In addition, clean drinking water has become a major issue, due to pollution, waste disposal and chemicals used by farmers. Java Village has investigated solutions to this and has started making the villagers aware of the importance of clean water. Also, the option for biogas is being considered to prevent pollution of the water by cow manure and reduce the dependence on expensive fossil fuels.


Realised projects

We have mainly focused on basic healthcare by building or renovating 8 community health centres. The 47 female volunteers and local midwives who work here, have all received training, provided by the staff of the regional clinic. The teachers of the 2 elementary schools and the dental assistant were also involved with this. A separate training was given to 2 teams of “dokter kecil” (little doctors), students who provide first aid at school. We have furnished the health clinic in the village with supplies, including a dental chair. A laboratory was installed at the main clinic, located in a nearby village, which services 28.000 patients in total. The laboratory can be used for simple research for, for example, tuberculosis. From other donations we have been able to sponsor a nurse to complete her training for fully qualified midwife. We have also supported a small number of handicapped children with physiotherapy and medication.

Together with the staff of the community centres and the laboratory, we have regularly tested the water quality in the village. It’s clear that there is still much to be done to provide the villagers with clean drinking water!

The projects mentioned above have been realized in co-operation with other organizations such as the Rotary Clubs in both Leiden and Bandung, and by additional funding from Cordaid and Stichting Medische Hulp Indonesië and by most supportive individual donors.