The Java Village Foundation believes that our funds should be used for the people in Indonesia as much as possible instead of for administrative purposes. In the next few years this will remain a priority. Both CBF (Dutch office that supervises fundraising by charities) and other foundations set 25% as a maximum for administrative costs. We strive to remain below this percentage with a maximum of 15%.

We will be able to achieve this because we do not rent or own our building. Board members and other volunteers do not receive a salary for their activities. In addition, we are aware that all expenses for administrative purposes is money that cannot be spent on the projects. Still we sometimes consider it justifiable to invest in fundraising and other activities in the Netherlands if this increases the chance to attract funds.

To provide complete transparency towards our donors, we make sure that our finances are handled professionally and are rendered available to all our relations.

The annual financial account is made public and we strive to render it available on our website nine months after the financial year. The annual account will contain a sign of approval of our audit committee.

For financial information for the year 2017, please here. Please contact us for more information or questions.