Cisarua Village


In Cisarua (West Java, Indonesia), 40% of the 8000 villagers still live below the poverty line. One-third of the female population is the main provider of the family income. The women work long days at the tea plantation or vegetable gardens, thereby earning barely enough to buy some rice and fish. They are forced to take loans from their employers and are therefore often getting worse off, not seeing any way out anymore. In addition the mortality rate among newborns and their mothers is unacceptably high. There is no piped water system and the available water from the mountains has been contaminated.

The Java Village foundation aims to support the most vulnerable villagers, mostly women and children. In families in which income is mainly provided by the women, there is little left for clothing, school fees or computer classes. But these women do not easily give up. We want to help them break the vicious cycle of poverty and build a better future for them and their children.